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    I wanted to write this to vent. From having past experience dealing and being a customer what do you guys hate the most? Dealer running late?, getting ripped off?

    Well, first off I HATE it when I would have a chop and my customers would always loaft. Honestly people just be honest and accurate with your times. We have lives of our own to live as wellย ๐Ÿ˜‘

    My second pet peeve is when people start acting shady, thats how you know they up to some bullshit. I can sense the bullshit from people now and stay away from those dweebs.ย  For example, I had someone ask me for a Q and this dude would only ever grab twins off me. He would always have the cash ready and everything, he knows its always quality and would never ask to look at it. But today this mofo is saying “oh bro you cant hop into my car cuz the passenger door and window are fucked up” im like alright… he was also like “oh bro, we gotta be quick cuz im going to work”(this is important for later) i was like ai thats cool, im quick anyways ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL Anyways I get there and i have his package, i come up to the drive window and I was already feeling a little sketched out. He starts asking me now if he can look at the bud while im standing right outside his car, in my head i was like this fuckers gonna drive away with my weed. So I tell him nah you got the money? Like let me see the cash first and ill show you the weed, he starts making up some BS story about how his friend wants to see the bud before they grab, I also asked how work was and he was like “OH it was good, just got off” SO I CAUGHT THIS FOOL LYING. After all these red flags, I told him yo, what you’re doing right now isn’t cool. Like this ain’t cool what you doing? And he was like alright, im just not gonna grab it, and drove off. He texted me 15 mins later asking to buy a twin, I was like nah man, you were acting funny. Not gonna deal with you no more. He called me a fat fag and blocked me. I love people.

    Also fuck these BROWN BRAMPTON WANNA BE THUGS, end rant ๐Ÿ˜€


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    Thanks for the post, well the things I hate are:

    Not reading the PLEASE READ SECTION and the level of respect some people have. But overall I have to say that most people are really great just get most my headaches from the younger crowd LOL !!!!!!

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