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    I would like to say hello to everyone and start off the welcome and introduction !!!! Many of you may know me already as Steven. I started “TheKushCrib” in a hope that I can offer great quality bud and kush at the most reasonable prices. When I first started I didn’t realize how big it would become and all the wonderful people I would meet.

    I had a pretty fun time doing this and I’m looking forward to welcoming everyone to my community forum. The forum will be a place where you can meet/talk/trade/buy and share all the wonderful things you love about Cannabis.

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    My Goal is to create a community of like-minded cannabis lovers who can share the beautiful plant together. The forum will be moderated and we will do our very best to make this a healthy cannabis community. Please introduce yourself and don’t be shy !!!!!!!!

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    Yours Truly, KushKiD AkA  ToPShoTTA 

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