Canadian Concentrate Reviews

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    Canadian Concentrate Reviews

    Alright guys, long time Reddit follower, first-time poster. I wanted to share with the community my experience with the MANY concentrate brands that are out there right now. Concentrates can run as high as 100-125 bucks a gram for things like THC-A isolate and can be as cheap as 30-40 $. So what is it that makes the differences in price AND is it really worth it?! My goal is to share with you guys my preferences and what the true differences are between brands.

    PHYTO: 5/10

    HIT or MISS … Big time. As one of the most popular and well-marketed concentrate brands in the country, Phyto has struggled to keep production standards high as the demand for the product has increased. Most recently I tried there “ghost OG” $48/g. I would actually say it was unpleasant to smoke. Very strong butane smell when used in my pen, and it left a residue all over my nail which I had to burn off each time. I have had better experiences with phyto but honestly, after that ghost OG… I’ll go with ANY other brand.

    PHANT: 6/10

    Phant is a good go-to for cost-efficient extracts. A clean product that lacks in potency for me. Tried Wax and Shatter, wasn’t happy with the plastic containers they came in and for the 50/g I’d much rather go with a variety of other brands.

    Diamond: 7/10

    Diamond Extracts are based out of the west coast and also have some easily Recognizable packaging (orange and blue). I have only tried their shatter. This is what phyto should strive to be in terms of quality. Neither company focuses on achieving a true “stable” shatter BUT it is clean and full of terps (very tasty). I tried the Cherry Cough, Alien OG to name a couple and they were both pull and snap around 20-24 Celsius. Never had a bad experience with this brand and usually paid around 50/g for it. I’d say the flavor out-way the effects on average for this company

    Flawless: 7/10

    This is the Green Room Society’s go-to brand when they have is stocked 40/g when you buy 3 or more. Very consistent and a little more stable on average than Diamond. I find you don’t need to refrigerate Flawless in order to handle it easily. It’s a little less terpy and a little more effects-based for me. I find I take good-sized dabs of this shatter in comparison to other brands BUT the individual grams I get them in always seem to be quite large. the 3/120 deal usually gets myself (and my significant other who dabs a little less) through 5-7 days or so… making this the best VALUE of the group I would say. I have tried the purple voodoo, UBC chemo, bruce banner, Skywalker. green crack god, red Congolese (sativa)

    CannaCure: 7.5/10

    CannaCure is definitely a member of the companies out there that take the extra steps to ensure a “true” shatter. No matter what you choose to buy from CannaCure it WILL be crystalline and very stable. These shatters are often priced in the 60-70/g range and require quite a bit less product to achieve the desired effects. I have had some amazing flavors from CannaCure. Face on Fire and Black Ice were definitely some real winners. The only thing I will say about this company is that no matter what strain I seem to get from them, none of them have sativa dominant effects.

    Derpin’ Dabs: 7.5/10

    Just tried this one out on the weekend! it was some lemon skunk.. really really tasty stuff. This stuff was definitely pull and snap BUT I would almost consider it live resin it was so fricken lemony. Crazy clean, very head rushy, one of the best sativa shatters i have tried. Only downside to sativa shatters is I tend to go through them really quick because the effects don’t last as long for me as hybrids of indicas do. that might just be me though

    Heavenly Daze: 8/10

    This guys are Terp-city, i got some pink bubba sap from them , it was basically a tiny bit more stable than honey oil , mandatory dab stick usage. This was the best tasting concentrate I have had in a long time. I think having a sap consistency allows a greater terpene profile . Heavenly Daze is one of the only companies out there actively producing a “sap”. This very well good be there own spin on live resin. Crazy potent. Would definitely consider this to be a premium extract company. 45-58 /g depending

    Skunk & Panda: 8/10

    Another premium brand! What makes these guys unique is that everything flower wise is harvested on Vancouver island. Amazing flavors on these, very diverse from what your used to getting. Tried out the pink viper and it was pretty much pink lemonade on the exhale. Super stable. no loss of terps. Seems like they really take the time to do this right. If you want something premium and your tired of OG this and purple that. Skunk & Panda will brighten up your palate. 58/g when purchased it

    Glacial Gold: 8/10

    Tried there OG, some seriously killer stuff, high THC content , insanely stable and honestly it does have a real golden glow to it. Premium brand again, super clean. Loved it. 58/g i paid for it Purely Medicinal: 8/10 I only tried their CO2 extracts, which can only be described as an overhyped wax kinda thing. It actually hisses when you dab it because there is water left over from the supercritical fluid left over. Really strong, no solvents which was nice. Very expensive though, didn’t last very long because your weight includes all the lipids and waxes in there because there is no winterization process. I had one which was tested at 91% i believe…. not sure how accurate that was…

    Bear Bros: 8.5/10

    These guys are masters of the industry, amazing stuff all from the west coast. The stuff looks like little gems of liquid gold. The effects you get from BB product is on a whole other level. For pain and sleep especially, they have some unbelievable products. They also offer distillate “the clear” which is a refined version of there shatter for people with massive tolerances 🙂

    Honey Badger: 8.5/10

    Pretty much the same as Beard Bros, incredibly diverse effect range between strains/types. Always premium, aesthetic appeal, flavor.. it is all there. No loss of terps while still maintaining super high THC levels. My personal go-to’s will always be BB and HB. I have had a little experience with some different distillates brands out there Roji and Canada Concentrates and can post a review on those later if need be.

    As a side note there are lots of others I have tried, if you have any questions about specific strains or brands please let me know and I can try my best to shed some light.


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