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11 of our favourite strains

We have carefully selected 11 of our favourite strains and highlighted them here for you. thats right, 11 powerful strains that can turn a day of shit into smiles, rainbows and unicorns. Our 11 strains are Pink Kush, B-47 Kush, Rockstar Kush, Bubble Gum Kush, God’s Green Crack Kush, Purple Cotton Candy Kush, Hindu Kush, Thailand Kush, OG Kush, Aceh Kush and Red Congolese Kush. We strongly suggest you check these out. Don’t go another day without trying some of these kick ass strains.




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  • Canada's largest cannabis company has its eye on new London store February 22, 2019
    Canada's largest cannabis company plans to open London's second brick-and-mortar cannabis retail store at a commercial plaza on Wellington Street South north of Bradley Avenue.  Smith Falls, Ont.-based Canopy Growth plans to open the store at 1025 Wellington Street South under its Tweed brand, pending approval of its application by the Alcohol Gaming Commission of Ontario.  […]
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  • The promise of a pot panacea in Ontario under Doug Ford just went up in smoke February 8, 2019
    Paid my first visit to a cannabis dispensary the other day. Say what? That’s right, storefront weed dispensaries are supposed to be illegal in Ontario. But a few former grey-market shops that were forced to shut their doors on legalization day or risk massive fines are taking their chances. Doug “Ontario is open for business” Ford […]
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  • Licensed Producer Indiva Ltd. Gives Green Light to Cannabis Extract & Processing Facility February 6, 2019
    We’ve witnessed how the cannabis industry has grown over the last couple years, and now that recreational legalization is in full effect, it’s time to begin looking towards the future.  In which direction is the cannabis industry headed?  Will we see mostly dried flower, or will cannabis edibles and concentrates dominate the marijuana market?  Many […]
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  • Ontario town says hosting pot producers 'like a two-edged sword' January 14, 2019
    David Ireland is frustrated by the "skunk smell" of pot that wafts down from two cannabis cultivation facilities roughly five kilometres away and lingers outside his home, even in the winter. "On hot humid days, it's worse because they have to vent more often ... You wouldn't be able to open your windows," he said. […]
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