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11 of our favourite strains

We have carefully selected 11 of our favourite strains and highlighted them here for you. thats right, 11 powerful strains that can turn a day of shit into smiles, rainbows and unicorns. Our 11 strains are Pink Kush, B-47 Kush, Rockstar Kush, Bubble Gum Kush, God’s Green Crack Kush, Purple Cotton Candy Kush, Hindu Kush, Thailand Kush, OG Kush, Aceh Kush and Red Congolese Kush. We strongly suggest you check these out. Don’t go another day without trying some of these kick ass strains.




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  • Ontario-based start-up is developing a cannabis breathalyzer for U.S. police August 16, 2019
    A breathalyzer that can detect both alcohol and cannabis has caught the attention of Y Combinator, a California-based start-up accelerator that has previously worked with Reddit, Dropbox and Airbnb. The company’s latest investment is in Sanntek 315 breathalyzer, a device currently being developed by Kitchener, Ont.-based SannTek Labs Inc. Founded by a pair of University of Waterloo engineering grads, SannTek […]
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  • Ontario’s 2nd pot shop has opened. Burnt River Farms built store with Boise in mind August 16, 2019
    Ontario now has two marijuana dispensaries, and the newest one to open was designed and built by businesses from the Boise area. “We wanted our customer base to feel like they were at home in this space,” Burnt River Farms Cannabis Co. co-owner Shawn McKay said in phone interview Thursday. “We wanted them to feel […]
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  • Canopy Rivers gets approval to expand Ontario’s production facility August 12, 2019
    Canopy Rivers (TSXV: RIV) (OTC: CNPOF) announced that its portfolio company Radicle Medical Marijuana received approval from Health Canada to expand its production facility in Ontario. The approval will help the company to effectively double its production, increasing its capacity to 6,000 kilograms per year. With the Health Canada approval, Radicle will have 40,000 sq. ft. dedicated to indoor hydroponic […]
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  • Cannabis popping up everywhere ... including Boots and Hearts August 12, 2019
    Aphria is a medical and recreational cannabis company that wants to educate people about not only the benefits and safety of cannabis, but also their different strains for different feelings. The Solei Discovery Centre, hosted by Aphria, is a cannabis education pop-up booth at the popular Boots and Hearts Country Music Festival. It has been open all […]
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